03 September, 2005


Many things have happened and are still happening, so I have been negligent in writing on this here thing. My apologies to the two of you who read this. I actually have the next couple of installments written, and after I proof them, I will put them up. Now is a good time to reiterate my disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: Though the main characters in this piece are named after actual people in my life, they are more accurately composites of many people. None of these characters are intended to specifically represent the people for whom they are named. Moreover, while some of the events portrayed here are based on actual happenings, this is a WORK OF FICTION, and no intent is made to accurately depict events as they actually happened. Still other events are entirely fictional, and I would expect you intelligent folk to know the difference.


  1. A disclamer, Mr. Smith? Where have I heard that before? You now have three! That Jay guy is cool! Oh, and may I...

  2. he's BACK! many hoorahs from the peanut gallery yonder...

  3. ya know...I'm pretty sure that bar scene took place at some point...or at least bits and pieces, here and there...wonka-what? hehe


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