22 February, 2005

"A Word to the Wise is Infuriating"

Hunter Thompson is dead.

The effect that the good Doctor had on my life is immeasurable. It is likely that without Hunter, I would be a college graduate, in a good position with a good company, have a happy marriage, and essentially be an entirely different person.

I would also undoubtedly be a more boring, less creative person.

I read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in my sophomore year in college. I was never the same. Many people point to On the Road as their "crossroads" book. I liked Kerouac as much as the next guy, but Thompson was REAL. Terrifyingly so.

If I am sorry for anything, it is that Hunter Thompson is going to be remembered in the way that he was portrayed by Johnny Depp in the Terry Gilliam film version of F & L. Now Depp did a fine job, and I'm a fan of the film. Nonetheless, it leaves the impression that Thompson was some sort of cartoon. Hunter Thompson was a character, but he was no caricature.

The world stopped spinning yesterday for a brief moment, and someone got off. We are all a bit diminished for his leaving.

Goodbye, Doc. See you in hell.

20 February, 2005


I have a premise for the novel... I will share at some point, but I am just pleased to have an idea. To be fair, it is essentially the premise for the screenplay that I wrote a while back, but I have a nice twist in mind. Furthermore, why should all of the good dialogue be in films?

God damn it... time to storm the prose world and conquer it.

... mmmm false confidence...

18 February, 2005

On the blog name...

I was stuck. What was I to do? I had to name the damn thing and nothing was coming to me.

For me, these days, the internet is largely a silent experience. On my old desktop, I had a ton of mp3's and a winamp player that never stopped. Now, with my laptop, I can do other things while I type. I have the winamp and a few mp3s, but nothing near the old days. Moreover, I can now sit in the same room as my stereo, but oddly, I rarely turn it on while tickety tackety-ing on this thing.

This is an odd dichotomy for person for whom music is (generally) inseparable from life. I normally have to have something playing all of the time. This is possibly a reaction to the bombardment I take from various media everyday. Given my job(s) I have to have some sort of blather going on in the background at all times. It becomes tiresome. I suspect that I will come back around to the old days of posting and listening, but for now, I enjoy the solitude and silence.

early morning sounds

I both love and despise the early morning hours between, say, 1 and 4 am. It is a time of calm, if one is not winding up a last call and seeking post last call company. I love that part of it, but the silence breeds discontent. Should I play a record? Should I sleep? Should I drink? Do I want to mindlessly chat on the internet with friends. Should I write?

Should I write?

Well, of course, that is the answer. I certainly should. I don't, though. Not normally. I waste my time with the myriad toys in my apartment fiddling with this, watching that, listening to this, type-type-typing that.

Now, I think that I will sleep.

Damn habits...

17 February, 2005

The beginning of the end...

Needing an outlet to write, and tiring of the high-schoolishness of LJ (I AM an old guy, after all), I shall try this format...