10 March, 2005

"Somebody's boring me. I think it's me. "

It isn't writer's block if you aren't even trying.

My early zeal for the writing has all but faded into a mist of apathy and antipathy. Much has happened over the last week or so. Largely, the events are a menagerie of misunderstandings and misinterpretations of peoples comments. This means,of course, that I had little to do with it. Now,don't get me wrong, I am capable of causing such shifts in the tenuous faultline that is my life. I am constantly saying the wrong thing, drinking in the wrong place, and that sort of thing. Still... this time was different.

This time, it is though the events gained corpreal selves, breathed air, and conspired to plot against me. There was no battle, there was no war, only a sudden awareness that I had lost.