08 April, 2009

My freakin back aches...

Spent the day pulling all of the records off of the shelves (the musical part of which I will write about over on Perfect Pop Sense), and I think it may have killed me. I got new shelves, which are only marginally what I actually need for the job. However, cash flow being what it is, I'll suck it up and use them and like it. The record collection is bizarre. It seems so huge when they are all over the house, and much smaller when all in place. Not that they are all in place, yet. That, my friends is a job for tomorrow, which is why I have taken a Naproxen and a Flexiril in hopes that the twinges subside enough to get the job done.

Anyway... at least I've got something to do, yeah? Write, you say? Yes, I suppose I could do that. Tomorrow.

07 April, 2009

A shift in priorities.

My brother and I have started a blog dedicated to music, so it seems kind of silly to continue this one in the same direction. I have used this as a sounding board for my little High Fidelity ripoff, and I've written some personal stuff, too. Maybe a couple of music things as well. Anyway, I'm going to keep this one personal, and I hope that it doesn't offend. I truly need to start writing more and with Perfect Pop Sense being the "music" blog going forward, I shall use this one as the extraneous stuff blog.

I hope to keep it interesting.