18 February, 2005

On the blog name...

I was stuck. What was I to do? I had to name the damn thing and nothing was coming to me.

For me, these days, the internet is largely a silent experience. On my old desktop, I had a ton of mp3's and a winamp player that never stopped. Now, with my laptop, I can do other things while I type. I have the winamp and a few mp3s, but nothing near the old days. Moreover, I can now sit in the same room as my stereo, but oddly, I rarely turn it on while tickety tackety-ing on this thing.

This is an odd dichotomy for person for whom music is (generally) inseparable from life. I normally have to have something playing all of the time. This is possibly a reaction to the bombardment I take from various media everyday. Given my job(s) I have to have some sort of blather going on in the background at all times. It becomes tiresome. I suspect that I will come back around to the old days of posting and listening, but for now, I enjoy the solitude and silence.

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