08 December, 2011

Things Said in Media that Warrant a Gong

        Remember The Gong Show?  For the young or short of memory, a quick synopsis.  The Gong Show was game show (of sorts...  it was kind of Kaufmanesque* in that it was all sort of a joke) in which people would exhibit their talents to a panel of "celebrities"  When the performer was particularly bad, the celebs would bang a gong to get them off the stage.  Since the days of seeing this show, which I loved, I have often wished for a gong.  I would wheel it around, and every time someone annoyed me with a idiotic corporate speak catchphrase (outside the box), or an abbreviated word for the purpose of cutseyness (delish), I'd bang the gong.  "Hey Brooks,  we were supposed to meet downtown at 8, but I have a bit of a sitch..."  GONG GONG GONG! 

    I am going to co-opt the idea to expose hackneyed attempts at writing that have been done a million times before (see below).  I'm banging the gong, dude. 

    Today's example...  in any suspenseful situation in film or television, when the protagonist says "how do I know I can trust you?", the antagonist is going to say "you don't".  GONG!  It just happened on Ringer (heh...  GONG!  Ringer.), and I have JUST decided to never watch this show again.  The Buffy statute of limitations just ran out.  This show sucks.

*It occurs ro me that if you don't know The Gong Show, that you probably won't get Kaufmanesque, either.  Andy Kaufman.  Look him up.  Yeah...  Jim Carrey played him in a movie once.  That one Carrey movie you hated.

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